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Bulk Wine Sales Contracts & Allocations

The Bulk Wine Sales Contract module allows for contractual selling of bulk wine to other wineries. A contract can be established at a blend or wine lot level. Customer sample tracking and approval is available. Allocations provide visibility of wine across single or multiple bonded facilities. Wine can be allocated to a contract at a blend level, with the ability to track wine belonging to multiple customers regardless of the vessels the wine is stored in. After sample approval, the wine can be specifically designated to a lot number. Shipping of the wine to the customer relieves the contract, and shows any contractual obligation still due.

Key reports and inquiries show contractual obligations, wine allocations, sample approvals and shipping details. Interface to the Grower Contract module allows for the ability to compare Sales Contract to Grower Contracts to determine the grapes required for supply chain management.

Key Features
  • Bulk wine sales contract commitments

  • Allocations for tracking/reserving wine

  • Contract update of shipped wine

  • Sample tracking for product and contract approval

  • Contract to wine inventory analysis for product fulfillment

  • Comparison to grower contracts for supply chain management

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